Mental Health Court

Southwest Iowa Mental Health Court: 

An alternative to jail for persons with chronic mental health needs who commit crimes meeting established criteria.

– An intensive individualized service that will help offenders with chronic mental health needs treat their illness, take their medication as prescribed, meet their basic food and shelter needs, and avoid expensive incarceration or hospitalization.

– A sentence that provides maximum opportunity for the rehabilitation of the defendant, the protection of the community from further offenses by the defendant and consideration of victim’s rights and safety.

Referral Process to Mental Health Court Program:

Consideration for Mental Health Court begins with a referral.  The referral may come from a self-referral, family member, defense attorney of record, and or probation officer.

Mental Health Court Referral Form Link: Mental Health Court-Referral Form

Please fill out the referral form to the best of your ability and email it to or mail it to Pottawattamie County Community Services, 515 5th Avenue, Room 113, Council Bluffs, IA 51503;
Attention:  Mental Health Court Case Manager.

Application to Enter Mental Health Court Program:

To be considered for acceptance into Mental Health Court an applicant and their attorney will complete and sign the application forms.  Only applications submitted by a defendant’s attorney will be considered. 

Application forms are below (forms must be completed by the defendant and his/her attorney of record)

Applications can be sent to the Mental Health Court Case Manager at and Kerrie Snyder at

Links to Forms are below:


Mental Health Court Overview

Mental Health Court Criteria

MHC Screening Form

SWIMHC Application

MHC Plea Agreement and Client Contract

SWIMHC interagency release form updated 6-23-16